Instagram Releases Most Popular Food Hashtags For India

Photo sharing site Instagram released the top trending hashtags for food this year, for India, for the first time. The social media site, which has millions of food enthusiasts sharing delicious and drool worthy pictures of their food on it every day, has allowed food bloggers an opportunity to grow their businesses on the platform, by releasing these hashtags. Food bloggers and F&B publications and websites have used Instagram to gain a dedicated following, in ways similar to Facebook. But now the platform has become perhaps the first choice of any food enthusiast to talk about their passion and educate others about the various different kinds of cuisines and dishes out there. Instagram has allowed the opportunity to many home chefs and cooks to showcase their talents and work hard to come up with more innovative recipes.

India’s topmost trending Instagram hashtags were released on Monday at a Delhi event called ‘Food At Instagram’. The event saw popular ‘Foodstagrammers’ and food influencers talking about the best practices and tools that allowed them to garner a good following on the platform. Among the experts were pastry chef Pooja Dhingra of Le15, celebrity Chef Kunal Kapoor, food bloggers Archana Doshi of Archana’s Kitchen and Deeba Rajpal of Passionate About Baking, as well as food miniaturist Shilpa Mitha of Sueno Souvenir. The discussion revolved around how to build a brand worth following on Instagram and the panellists spoke about not just the tools that helped them in their journeys, but also their personal experiences of trial and errors.

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